Mike Dyson
Holistic Chinese Medicine practitioner in Fremantle, WA

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My name is Mike Dyson. Welcome to my clinic.

My passion is helping you to understand what’s going on in your body and finding the perfect treatments and strategies that will restore balance to your body and mind.

At my clinic you will receive completely individualised care. I do not compromise the ancient Chinese medicine tradition of matching a precise treatment to your unique condition by using multiple treatment tables or using pre-prepared herbal medicine formulas.

Every patient gets a unique treatment because every patient and every condition is unique.

 I run a one bed clinic - you will be attended to exclusively by me for your whole appointment.

I run a one bed clinic - you will be attended to exclusively by me for your whole appointment.

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The good physician treats the disease; the great physician treats the patient who has the disease.
— William Osler

Areas of Interest

Over 12 years in practice I've treated a huge range of clients suffering from varying illnesses and pain. I am, however, particularly passionate about the following areas:

Mental Health

As someone with a history of anxiety myself, I am passionate about helping people to thrive. It's not just about treating insomnia or depression, I aim to help people feel truly happy and create positive mental wellbeing.


I am dedicated to delivering relief to my clients. I know how frustrating it can be when searching for ways to manage pain. Whether it's short term or chronic, Chinese Medicine has a unique perspective.

Fertility & Pregnancy

I am passionate about regulating the menstrual cycle and treating menstrual issues, which is the foundation of fertility treatment. I am also passionate about supporting women to have the type of birth that they want to have.

Chronic Illness

When illnesses persist over a length of time, the presentation becomes complicated. I love doing the detective work to help people find out what's going on in their body and helping them find the right treatments.